The Advantages of Giving Your Employees a Blackberry as a Business Device

A Blackberry is a device that allows users to make phone calls, send emails, look at and send documents, text messages and pictures, and record and listen to voicemails from anywhere in the world. The business benefits of these devices have led some companies to purchase a plan for every employee. This has led some companies to see an increase in employee efficiency and happiness. Below are some basic advantages of giving employees a Blackberry device.

Improve Company Productivity Hours

The average business person spends 8 to 10 hours at work a day, with only 5 to 6 of those hours being truly productive. Between lunch breaks, coffee breaks, waiting on hold, checking emails, going back and forth for faxes, and making or receiving deliveries outside of the office, an employee spends a lot of time with busy work that could be spent more productively. A Blackberry allows employees to use the device to check emails, send and receive documents, send and receive faxes, check on deliveries or place a request for a parcel service to pick up a package, and even access the Internet for research while waiting on hold.

Employees Can Work from Anywhere

With a company Blackberry, an employee can conduct business when outside of the office. Gone are the days of worrying about employees taking a day off and missing work, as long as they keep their Blackberry on, they'll still be able to receive every business email, document, voicemail, and fax. It even allows employees to stay updated with things at work while on vacation or during an unexpected emergency.

Makes Employees Happy

Employees are happiest when you put extra money in their pocket. While it's not always possible to provide an increase in pay, you can help employees save money by providing a company paid Blackberry. This allows employees to cancel their regular cell service and save the money they put out monthly. Many companies allow employees to use the extra minutes or data for personal use. As long as ground rules are set and employees aren't using the Blackberry for more personal use than business use, you'll find that the office camaraderie goes up and dissatisfaction with working goes down.

Track Your Employees

One benefit of providing employee sponsored Blackberries is the ability to track your employees. The GPS option allows you to track the phone wherever it goes. If your employee is supposed to be picking up packages from the courier company down the street but hasn't returned for two hours, you can turn on the GPS and see if they're just stuck in a really long line at the parcel service or if they've decided to take a really long lunch. Knowing that an employer can keep tabs on the whereabouts of the Blackberry keeps employees productive and the business operating efficiently.

The reasons to provide a Blackberry are numerous. The number one reason, increased employee productivity, seems to be the clincher for most business owners. Who doesn't want a productive, happy staff that's able to work harder and smarter?